The City’s Fresh Water Crisis

Concerned water expert professionals have been warning the City for 10 years that its burgeoning population, stemming from the constant influx of people from the Eastern Cape in particular, and the negative effects of climate change on the drought prone Western Cape, would lead to dire water shortages unless immediate steps were taken to augment the area’s fresh water supply.

Nothing was done by our Western Cape or Cape Town political leaders until a few weeks ago.

The tragic ineptitude of our city planners and traffic department

All of us who live in Hout Bay have at one time or another been caught up in a stream of traffic crawling up or down Main Road between the bottom of the hill and Constantia Nek.  Many of us have also experienced a moment of sheer terror as some idiot driver executes a death-defying move around one of the sharp and steep bends on this section of road, with min