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Photo of Hout Bay by Jean Tresfon, clearly showing the raw sewerage pumped out to sea from Hout Bay Sewerage Station next to Hangberg

 See the image of the sewerage plumes in the waters of Hout Bay!!!! The raw sewerage pumped out by our Sewerage Station is transported in an anti-clockwise direction by the currents in our Bay – like a giant washing machine it flows all around – to Chapman’s Peak and around the Bay. Do you find it incredible that the city pumps 55 million litres per DAY of effluent which includes raw, very raw untreated sewerage into the sea so close to the coast? In the case of Green Point this also often blows back onto the shore? Did you know that water users have been getting sick, very badly sick? Were you one of the many that took the trouble to like or comment on the pictures on Face Book?

Well now is your chance to actually do something about it (see below)! The HBRRA have already put in a very strong objection and protest to this bad and unhealthy state of affairs.



Following the public awareness created by the images posted on Face Book showing sewerage being pumped into the sea it seems that the City of Cape Town has realised about 6 years after the fact that with the introduction of the Integrated Coastal Management Act of 2009 that they are required to have a permit to discharge effluent into our coastal waters. They have now started the process of applying for the permit (see document below) which includes a public participation phase – this and only this is the reason that they have taken the trouble of involving the public!!

Hout Bay is particularly badly affected as the Sewerage Station that we have at present was never intended for the high growth population that we now have in Hout Bay. The Squatter Camps in Imizamo Yethu, Dontse Yakhe and above Hangberg in the Sentinel firebreak, add a further 40 000 plus inhabitants to Hout Bay. And these “Informal Settlements” ( call them by their euphemistic name) were more than 10 years ago supposed to be properly developed but have not been fully upgraded into decent suburbs of Hout Bay - yet we still have the same old sewerage maceration installation that we’ve had for 30 years. What we need is a proper SEWERAGE TREATMENT PLANT with digesters that are capable of biodegrading the Sewerage, converting this into energy which could drive the plant and capable of extracting and purifying water which could irrigate vegetable gardens in the vicinity to feed the poor.

The City will not listen unless they get a real influx of protests, comments from a large volume of people. So if you want change and want change to occur, here’s your one and only chance NOW!

The comment period runs from 1 June to 10 July 2015. Make sure you paste this link below into your Google search and send your email to Kevin.Samson@capetown.gov.za with your constructive comments or suggestions as to what could be done differently. This is your one and only chance to be heard, do not waste the opportunity! If you care about our Bay and the oceans, please share this with as many people as you can.