Upgrade of Hout Bay Common

This area of commonage, is the last remnant of the sizable common we had from the 1960’s, which has been largely reduced by  the Kronendal school & sports facilities. This small area is in dire need of an ecological upgrade, so as to serve as a habitat for birds , insects & people, & to hopefully inspire greater environmental awareness in the greater Hout Bay Valley.

The first stage of this very attainable goal, is to aerate, enrich & fertilise a few zones of this space, f

or planting, and I hereby appeal to any person or company that may be able to assist with the loan/ use of a mechanical digger ( a few hours max), to “till” these spots, as this area has been seriously compacted through the years. Any donations of compost, or rich soil, would be hugely appreciated, as “we” have no funding for this.

A team from The Kirstenbosch Botanical Society, have been hugely generous with time & effort in providing guidance & expertise for this project.

The idea is to involve the local Scouts, School & community, in the planting & nurturing process, but the initial ground preparation awaits me (& volunteers).

Kind Regards

Emil Gertz