Upgrade of Hout Bay Common

This area of commonage, is the last remnant of the sizable common we had from the 1960’s, which has been largely reduced by  the Kronendal school & sports facilities. This small area is in dire need of an ecological upgrade, so as to serve as a habitat for birds , insects & people, & to hopefully inspire greater environmental awareness in the greater Hout Bay Valley.

The first stage of this very attainable goal, is to aerate, enrich & fertilise a few zones of this space, f

or planting, and I hereby appeal to any person or company that may be able to assist with the loan/ use of a mechanical digger ( a few hours max), to “till” these spots, as this area has been seriously compacted through the years. Any donations of compost, or rich soil, would be hugely appreciated, as “we” have no funding for this.

A team from The Kirstenbosch Botanical Society, have been hugely generous with time & effort in providing guidance & expertise for this project.

The idea is to involve the local Scouts, School & community, in the planting & nurturing process, but the initial ground preparation awaits me (& volunteers).

Kind Regards

Emil Gertz




Dog bite on Llandudno beach

To whom it may concern

On Friday 5th September at 07h30 my husband was having an early morning jog on Llandudno beach when he was bitten by a large ridgeback dog.

The dog belonged to a woman who appeared to have a number of dogs that she had brought to the beach for a walk. None of the dogs were on a leash. 

It was merely a matter of time ………

It was always merely a matter of time, before one of "our" local taxis was involved in a fatal accident. To highlight the routine madness displayed by some of these drivers, of both
sedan & minibus taxis, this morning's accident involved a well known skorokoro speedster swerving off the bridge on Princess Avenue to avoid oncoming traffic, while attempting to


The lethal legacy of the City’s political inertia & neglect – the polluted Hout Bay River and Bay
For years now the HBR&RA and other local concerned civic organisations have been warning the City about the increasing level of ecoli pollution in the Hout Bay River and thence in the sea around the river mouth. Officials claim that a significant part of the problem is runoff from horse paddocks and bird colonies upstream but everyone knows that it is overwhelmingly due to human faeces from the ever growing informal settlements of Imizamo Yethu and Dontse Yahke.
A couple of years ago, as a result of residents’ urging, the City put up one or two signs on the beach near the river mouth warning against swimming in the river estuary; but nothing was done to alert people about the polluted bay waters.

Erf 3477, Karbonkelberg

In last month’s Hout & About we reported on the revised development parameters that the owner of Erf 3477, on the Karbonkelberg, was seeking.

The City’s Spatial Planning & Land Use Management committee considered this application on 10th September. No decisions were taken as the committee decided that a site visit is essential to consider the proposals and counter arguments put forward, the principal of which were that any development on this erf will be against the City’s & the Province’s own Policies & Guidelines. 

Lens Lines - October 2014

A message from the Chairman of the Hout Bay Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association
The appalling living conditions of those living in Hughendon Estate, goes from bad to worse. The “Doctrine of Legitimate Expectations”, which legally should apply to the
inhabitants living there, as well as those around them in Dontse Yakhe – is totally ignoredby the authorities. Everyone in the area has been abandoned by the City of Cape Town.
Promises made to re-locate those living illegally on the mountainside to a TRA (Temporary Relocation Area) have not been kept.