Dog bite on Llandudno beach

To whom it may concern

On Friday 5th September at 07h30 my husband was having an early morning jog on Llandudno beach when he was bitten by a large ridgeback dog.

The dog belonged to a woman who appeared to have a number of dogs that she had brought to the beach for a walk. None of the dogs were on a leash. 

There is a small notice board with a City of Cape Town logo stating the times that dogs are allowed on the beach and it also states that leashes are unnecessary. The owner of the dogs showed no concern for my husband and mumbled a "sorry" after he swore and cursed.

I do believe that due to the increasing number of dogs on the beaches in Hout Bay and Llandudno that having a dog on a leash be made mandatory. Do we need to wait until a small child is savaged before we take action? Personally, I believe all dogs should be banned from all beaches as owners do not act responsibly.

Yours faithfully Lyn Baker