It was merely a matter of time ………

It was always merely a matter of time, before one of "our" local taxis was involved in a fatal accident. To highlight the routine madness displayed by some of these drivers, of both
sedan & minibus taxis, this morning's accident involved a well known skorokoro speedster swerving off the bridge on Princess Avenue to avoid oncoming traffic, while attempting to
OVERTAKE..... ON A BRIDGE, ACROSS A SOLID LINE , in seriously wet weather.

Some people I spoke to, said that this driver had been warned on countless occasions, by numerous people, that he had to show more respect for passengers by not driving so fast &
dangerously. The driver, and a passenger in the front seat, got out, saved themselves, and left 3 women (apparently returning home from Mariner’s wharf work shift) to drown, trapped in the submerged back of the car.

This young driver, is one of many on our roads, who display a SHOCKING CONTEMPT for other road users, and rules of the road. More people could easily have been killed in this

The traffic department really need to take stronger action, to curtail this madness.

Occasional roadblocks for licences & road worthiness, is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Driver behaviour, as that which led to this accident, needs to be reigned in, URGENTLY. This is

3 more people dead, because law enforcement on our roads is virtually non-existent.

A vaguely smart idea may be for law enforcement officers to spend a little time on our roads (especially "rush times"), in unmarked vehicles, to assess some the local driving behaviour.