Erf 3477, Karbonkelberg

In last month’s Hout & About we reported on the revised development parameters that the owner of Erf 3477, on the Karbonkelberg, was seeking.

The City’s Spatial Planning & Land Use Management committee considered this application on 10th September. No decisions were taken as the committee decided that a site visit is essential to consider the proposals and counter arguments put forward, the principal of which were that any development on this erf will be against the City’s & the Province’s own Policies & Guidelines. 

A particular concern expressed was that whereas the provincial and city planners had given their blessing for the proposed development provided that the remainder of the erf is zoned Public Open Space, the developer is asking for it to remain Rural. If allowed, that decision will leave the door open for further development applications to be put forward in the future.

We look forward to the next thrilling instalment in this epic saga ………….. What a mess! This issue could have quite easily been dealt with many years ago and dismissed as inappropriate, as it should have been.

Latest Events regarding the proposed Polyclinic

On 16 May 2015 a meeting was held in the Hout Bay Community Centre (more usually referred to as the Old Bowling Club) called by Dr N Mbombo, the Minister of Health in the Provincial Government of the Western Cape (PGWC).  The meeting was the third in a series called by the minister to give the communities in Hout Bay the authorities’ version of the steps that have been taken to date in respect