Roads and Signage

This portfolio is run by John May. To contact John please use the contact page

The Roads and Signage Portfolio aims to provide an interface between the Hout Bay community and the Council to ensure that all matters of concern regarding roads are reported and addressed. This covers new road requirements, resurfacing and the perennial problem of getting potholes filled.  The Signage portfolio provides a similar service with particular emphasis on roads designated as scenic routes; there are a number of designated scenic routes within Hout Bay where signage is specifically forbidden.



The proposal by the Government of the Western Cape for a large polyclinic on the Hout Bay commonage is inappropriate and does not fit in with the Plan for the commonage, and is of great concern as it will further erode the remaining Open Space and render the Commonage almost completely depleted – the commonage is the only sizable bit of usable Public Open Space remaining in Hout Bay. 

Len's lines

A message from the Chairman of the Hout Bay Residents’ & Ratepayers’ Association.

All is not what it seems in this Idyllic Valley

As I was considering what I would say in this last Hout and About for 2014, I came across this article which I felt I would like to share with you, as it synchronised with my thoughts - it appeared on the back page of The Good Weekend, Sunday Argus 30th November 2014 written by Tim Roston entitled, “The hike from Noordhoek to Chapman’s Peak provides a workout in nature”.