Imizamo Yethu

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The residents of Dontse Yahke having inadequate toilet facilities and, in some instances, cultural objections to using chemical toilets, defecate wherever they can around this settlement. The principal areas are around the water tank that supplies the whole of Hout Bay and on Erf 2286, which bounds the south-eastern corner of Hugenden Estate.

Use of these areas as a toilet results in:

  1. severe ecoli pollution of, in the case of:
    1. the water tank zone - Imizamo Yethu lower down the hillside and ultimately of the Hout Bay River, whenever there is rainfall of any intensity;
    2. Erf 2286 - the abutting homesteads in Hughenden Estate;
  2. considerable air pollution in the surrounding areas.

In the case of the Oceana fish processing plant, the main objective of the APP is to demonstrate a collective voice of people, institutions, businesses and organisations in Hout Bay who believe that the current fish processing operation, and subsequent smell, is unacceptable and should be labelled as a public nuisance. The HBR&RA seeks to mobilise action from Oceana and the City of Cape Town to instigate change in a socially, economically and environmentally sound manner, through a series of comprehensive investigations and studies that place sustainability as its core focus.